Attack Ads

Sun Media-They Sink to New Lows to Conquer


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CEO of the The Warren Group and a public policy commentator.Former Ontario deputy minister,chief general manager of the Toronto Transit Commission and CEO of Canada Post Corporation.Chair and board member of a wide range of private and public sector organizations.
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3 Responses to Attack Ads

  1. billmosesos says:

    I personally think Canadians are so influenced by the Americans (which is caused by the same type of constant bombardment you refer to in your piece) that there will have to be a sea change in American behaviour before we can expect any similar change in Canada. Living cheek by jowl with the US is in my view more of a curse than a blessing.
    The real question is what will be needed to bring about a U.S. sea change. You would have to look at a drug addict for the answer. The prevailing wisdom is that an addict has to hit bottom before they can start to recover. Hitting bottom for the Americans will come when they realize that they have to throw out their Constitution. Super Pacs, their strip search law, and their stand your ground law are all good examples of the transmogrification of a truly democratic system.
    Given that scenario, it is going to be a while.


  2. billmosesos says:

    Another thing unfortunate about the American Constitution is that it was drawn up during very turbulent times and included a right to bear arms.
    Perhaps worst of all there is no notwithstanding provision in their Constitution which means their judiciary can overturn any law without recourse, unlike our Canadian Constitution. The judiciary often has no choice as the Constitution does not leave any wiggle room.


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