Hudak’s Second Wind

Sun Media – Hudak Finds His Second Wind

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CEO of the The Warren Group and a public policy commentator.Former Ontario deputy minister,chief general manager of the Toronto Transit Commission and CEO of Canada Post Corporation.Chair and board member of a wide range of private and public sector organizations.
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2 Responses to Hudak’s Second Wind

  1. George jackson says:

    It’s a slam dunk-cost the liberals -probably the next 2 elections-but not as bad as jean c. Who selfishly set up martin for a fall which has continued till this day. Ontario liberals only lucky that Harper is not provincial-if I’m alone in a row boat in the atlantic with one person-to survive I want SH. Federal libs will not lead again in my lifetime-all because of JC.-Brian received a bit of a bad knock- but was lucky-liberals -no way-both Ontario & Canada-for a guy who-stupidly-voted for Pierre-in retrospect – it
    is sad-at least we do not face the selfish USA situation-their selfishness -it’s what they deserve-rock vs rock-it’s too bad the selfish unions & teachers don’t get their comeupance-enough for a Sunday when I’m not allowed to swear.


  2. billmosesos says:

    If the Liberals have to go, hopefully the NDP will be seen as the best alternative. Maybe we can get your thoughts on that Michael.


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