An Early Election

The Star- Why Harper Will Call an Early Election


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CEO of the The Warren Group and a public policy commentator.Former Ontario deputy minister,chief general manager of the Toronto Transit Commission and CEO of Canada Post Corporation.Chair and board member of a wide range of private and public sector organizations.
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1 Response to An Early Election

  1. billmosesos says:

    This doubling of the Tax Free Savings Account is ridiculous. No longer does one have to move money off shore to avoid taxes. At $22,000 per couple, invested tax free at a real return of 7% (based on past statistics) a couple can accumulate almost 1 million dollars in 20 years (as measured in today’s dollars!). This is then passed on to their children who can put some or all of it in their own TFSAs and on it goes.
    The rich already get tax breaks on their Capital Gains, Canadian dividends and principal residences.


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