Liberal-NDP Cooperation?

The Star – Will the Liberals and NDP Cooperate__


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CEO of the The Warren Group and a public policy commentator.Former Ontario deputy minister,chief general manager of the Toronto Transit Commission and CEO of Canada Post Corporation.Chair and board member of a wide range of private and public sector organizations.
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1 Response to Liberal-NDP Cooperation?

  1. billmosesos says:

    “a government furiously fanning the fear of foreign and domestic terrorism”
    and handing out extravagant tax goodies to the rich. (How can, even I, resist $11,000 TFSA contributions.) And paying $2000 for a whole family’s votes (income splitting). And now this infrastructure thing? The budget is going to be balanced for just this year and we will be left to worry about the result 4 years down the road. Harper’s game plan, IMV, is to win this time, put the country in as deep a hole as he can and then retire.
    That being said, my personal belief is that voters have to come to a consensus themselves and not rely on coalitions or proportional representation. Quebec is a good example. They have shown that they can go Conservative or NDP or Liberal. If Harper wins another majority perhaps that will do the trick and bring Canadians together to some unified goal or purpose.
    What works in Germany or Britain will not necessarily work in such a large and culturally diverse country like Canada, IMV.
    As Haruki Murakami said “Just remember, life is like a box of chocolates.” … “You know, they’ve got these chocolate assortments, and you like some but you don’t like others? And you eat all the ones you like, and the only ones left are the ones you don’t like as much? I always think about that when something painful comes up. “Now I just have to polish these off, and everything’ll be OK.’ Life is a box of chocolates.”


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